Access Control systems are one of SureTech's specialties. We have worked with businesses and residents alike across Calgary designing and installing access control systems and our Calgary access control systems are some of the best in the city.



Access control systems are designed to create selective restriction of access. They are utilized in everything from apartment buildings to offices to industrial sites. Access control systems in Calgary encompasses a wide variety of systems, from card key control, to PIN cods, to commercial card access, to biometric scanner.

SureTech has designed and installed countless Calgary access control systems from some of the biggest names in access control such as RB access and Keyscan. SureTech avoids hiring external technicians to perform our access control projects. You can be confident that when you choose SureTech for your Calgary access control project you will be serviced by a full time, professionally trained and licensed technicians. As a result you will receive exceptional quality of work.

As SureTech, we design, supply, install and even service all the elements of access control systems. This allows us to put together some of the best access control systems in Calgary.


Access control systems are designed to work for the long term, so it is important that they are designed to meet your security needs. This means that a simple commercial card access system or fob access control may not be enough and you may require two factor authentication. This can be achieved by supplementing a credential such as a key card or fob with a second credential like a PIN, password or pass phrase. We can install even more complex access control systems that rely on biometric factors such as a fingerprint or hand geometry scanner.

No matter the level or complexity of the access control system you are looking for, the experts at SureTech can deliver. SureTech works with industry leaders to source access control products, some of the companies we work with include RBH ACCESS, HONEYWELL Access Control , Keyscan and HID. Products from these companies are used in government facilities and large commercial buildings. In addition to using top of the line products, we make sure that all of our technicians have the necessary training to ensure they have the knowledge and skill to utilize the most cutting edge access control technology.


Not only do we make sure that we only use the best products, we also know that a clean, professional installation is important to ensure the life cycle of the systems. Without the correct installation the system won't work properly and will require constant servicing. We understand the importance of having an access control system that works the way it was designed to and pride ourselves on making sure the job is done right the first time.


In addition to complex access control systems we also provide service for smaller projects. Some installations only require a single door to be controlled. Although single door controllers require a less complex installation as they do not need additional wiring to the main control panel location our technicians still take the necessary time and use the best products from RB and Keyscan to ensure the installation is done to meet the high standards we set for all our Calgary access control project.


SureTech also specializes in providing solutions for older buildings. Outdoor card readers for commercial garage door openers can be challenging as they require a wire rough in to allow the installation of the outdoor arm. We work with our clients to find the most efficient solution, in this case installing long range readers provides the same access control by reading the card on the car's rear view mirror, and using a 25ft identification to send the required voltage to the overhead motor to open the door. We are able to provide the same access control, but avoid having to do a complex rewiring saving our clients time and money.


Whether you are looking for a complex installation with various credentials, a simple one door solution, or a commercial card access system the experts as SureTech are here to help. Call us anytime at 403-879-9680 or use our contact form book a free site inspection. Our certified technicians will work with you to help you determine your needs and ensure you get a top of the line product, professionally installed, that meets all your access control requirements.


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